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Aino Etymology:
Aino is a Finnish name meaning “only.” It represents our belief that every young person is deserving of a strategic investment in their future.

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About Aino Education

Aino is not just test prep. It is an organic extension and acceleration of your child’s education in which he or she will master the skills, strategies, and structures that are measured by standardized tests. We are professional practitioners, who are serious about the craft of building engaging lessons and materials. Learn more ››

Aino courses are intense and challenging. We offer a range of packages that add between 40 and 200 classroom hours to a student’s annual academic calendar. Learn more ››

Aino asks students to lead the discovery process because studies show that students learn best when they teach back the material they are learning rather than having it lectured to them.
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Assessments are given before, during, and after the coursework to measure student mastery of skills.
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Aino’s curriculum is academically oriented. Attention to detail is a core tenet of all of our materials.
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Pricing and Value

Aino Education PricingGroup programs, individual tutoring, and educational consulting—we have programs to fit every budget.
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About the Director

Meet Colin Greene, Founder and Managing Director of Aino Education.
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Aino’s Parent Guide provides parents with key questions that they should ask vendors as well as Aino’s answers to those critical questions.

Aino’s Test Prep Resource Guide gives parents a closer look at the landscape of the test preparation industry, helping to debunk false myths and claims while also validating Aino’s approach.

Aino’s Globalization Guide presents parents with a complete picture of how American education measures up internationally, highlighting the need for American students to catch up to their peers around the world (even in our most elite public and private schools).