Aino Education works with talented and dedicated middle school and high school students between fifth grade and eleventh grade.


Aino Education provides supplemental education in the following English and math competencies: reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, abstract reasoning, algebra, and geometry.

We aim to change the paradigm of generic test prep classes, learning centers, and tutoring clubs with unique curricular offerings and progressive pedagogical approaches that create both the context and purpose that is lacking with other vendors.

We do not take shortcuts, promise quick fixes, or offer generic products. Rather, we stress the importance of a sustained approach from 5th grade through 11th grade (or a significant portion thereof) using highly refined curriculum in support of student-centered lessons.


Group programs take place during the evening on weekdays and at various times during the day or evening on weekends.

Individual private tutoring is available during the day or in the afternoon on weekdays and at various times during the day or evening on weekends.

Family consulting is provided at the client’s convenience.

We operate on a quarterly basis (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Aino group programs range between 10 to 50 hours per quarter. Aino tutoring sessions range between 20 to 50 hours per quarter. Aino consulting hours are commensurate with the need.

Summer programs are offered as 2 week intensives with classes held during the day on weekdays. Multiple intensives take place throughout the summer.


Group programs take place in conference rooms at our offices in Mt. Kisco, Scarsdale and Harrison, New York, serving the educational needs of families throughout Westchester County and Southern Connecticut.

Individual private tutoring is administered in a client’s home or at a local library during the week and at our offices during the weekend.

Family consulting is provided in the privacy of the client’s home or at our offices.


We offer students and their families a choice when it comes to supplementary education. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between vendors in the supplemental education industry due to the lack of distinction between their offerings. Aino aims to change that paradigm by providing select clients with a progressive and exclusive alternative to corporate test prep, franchised learning centers, gimmicky tutoring clubs, and local mom-and-pop shops. Aino Education’s offerings are far more sophisticated and refined than those available from other vendors.