Letter from the Director

Dear parents,

“Aino Education was founded to break down barriers by offering parents solutions for a more competitive world.”

Thank you for your interest in Aino Education, an endeavor that is the genesis of my time as a program director and classroom teacher. Those experiences helped me to realize the need for a steady serving of rich and rigorous supplementation in every student’s educational diet. Having taught in elite private and public schools, I know that parents can no longer simply rely on those institutions to prepare their sons and daughters for a world defined by increased competition on standardized tests, for placement in college, and for future employment. American schools simply do not offer enough time on task as compared to their international counterparts, and often the learning they do offer is not as targeted and relevant as it needs to be.

As a parent, I know that the world my daughter will inherit will be dramatically different from the one I grew up in. For her, the cost of acquisition of educational and employment opportunities will be far higher than the price I paid. She will need to develop marketable skills that set her apart not only from her domestic peers, but from her international peers as well. To ensure that she has access to her American dream, my wife and I understand that it is our responsibility to provide her with the additional enrichment and preparation she will need to compete and overcome the barriers to entry that may come between her and the future she might imagine for herself.

Aino Education was founded to break down those barriers by offering parents solutions for a more competitive world.


Colin J. Greene, Managing Director