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  • FREE evaluation and assessment
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Group Programs

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  • Small groups of 3 to 6 students
  • Additional discount for long term commitment
  • Reward for bundling hours imbedded in the hourly rate structure

Private Tutoring


Custom Curriculum

Aino Curriculum

Off-the-Shelf Curriculum

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  • 1-on-1 instruction
  • Targeted and intensive approach
  • Highly individualized materials and methods
  • Additional discount for bundling hours
  • Additional discount for long term commitment

Educational Consulting

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  • On-call 24/7 to meet your family’s educational needs


Aino Education PricingAino Education has multiple price points that fit every budget. From high-end customization to our core programs, we can work with you to find a solution that is both affordable and effective. When you purchase an Aino package, the following elements are included at no additional cost to you:


Aino Education purchases all core materials for student or class use, including texts, journals, media, and experiential learning excursions.


Aino students have the option to enjoy the amenities and atmosphere of a corporate conference room at no extra cost.


All curricular materials used for both groups programs and individual tutoring are populated with curricular and graphic design elements that increase their impact.


All lessons reflect extensive planning, including introductory sets that build off of students’ prior knowledge, activities that call for active discovery of meaning rather than passive reception of it, and outcomes that ask students to apply the meanings they found and skills they have built.


Aino instructors grade and fully annotate (with personalized comments and feedback) all student work (including classwork, homework, and assignments) generated from either the group programs or individual tutoring sessions.


Aino uses Apperson scanning technology to score all student assessments and generate data tables (including item analyses, results grids, and score distributions) that not only inform instructional and curricular decisions, but are also used as curriculum elements themselves.


Full PowerPoint reports are generated for each student at the end of each quarter detailing their personal achievements and improvements as well as how they measure up to their peers.