College Preparation

College Preparation

“Aino helps students stand out in a crowded field of domestic and international applicants…”

Your child is no longer simply competing against the neighbor’s kid for placement in the top colleges and universities. Today, he or she is competing with young people from around the world. Aino helps students stand out in a crowded field of domestic and international applicants by developing in them the kind of expert interests institutions of higher learning are looking for. Moreover, we also teach students to mine their lives for marketable experiences and instruct them on how to “sell” those experiences to admission committees.

Aino programs are designed to provide for the following college preparation outcomes:

As part of their Critical Writing coursework, students will learn to excavate the evocative details of a consequential experience and shape those details into an honest and revealing narrative. During this process, they will be asked to make sure to effectuate the kind of reader experience that will garner support for their candidacy from members of the admission committee. This idealized reader experience will be modeled for students using exemplar essays that have been received positively in the past. The writing prompts for such personal essays will be relevant to the text or texts students are reading in order to better situate the creative process within a larger context that gives it greater urgency and relevance.

College Coursework

As part of their Critical Reading and Abstract Reasoning coursework, students will negotiate a range of advanced texts that will extend well beyond the traditional literary canon that is commonly the focus of high school English curricula. The texts we choose reinforce the trend toward reading and writing across the curriculum currently underway in institutions of higher learning whereby students are expected to read and write about science, math, and history in a far more comprehensive and consistent way. High school science, math, and history classes are primarily tasked with conveying the underlying principles, laws, and facts about a given subject matter. This is often done through textbook-centric instruction, rote memorization, quizzes, tests, labs, numbered problems, and research papers that prepare students for the state exam. Aino courses utilize unique, alternative texts that address the application of these concepts as a means to solve real world problems and scenarios.