Coming Attractions

Aino Education Coming Attractions

Aino Education is constantly working to expand its program offerings. We currently have multiple initiatives underway in a wide range of subject areas. Look for the following Aino programs in the coming months.


Advanced Math
The Advanced Math program will be a survey of trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, and integrated mathematics topics. The most challenging geometry and algebra topics will also be addressed. The course will be intended to help students increase their performance in advanced math classes in high school and college. Moreover, some of the topics covered by the SAT Subject Tests in math will be covered.


Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
Aino’s Biology, Chemistry, and Physics programs will be designed as independent Science programs that will prepare students for success on the SAT Subject Tests in biology, chemistry, and physics respectively. Furthermore, the programs will provide for increased achievement in high school and college science coursework. 

Foreign Language

Mandarin Chinese
Aino’s Mandarin Chinese program has been the most requested program by far. Aino is designing a program that will allow students to read, write, speak, and listen to Mandarin with full understanding and retention. Fluency will be built in three stages: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Aino’s Latin program will help students with their grasp of language by unlocking countless Latin roots, prefixes, suffixes, and etymologies from which many English words are derived. Knowledge of these word parts will directly benefit students in their attempt to prepare for the power words on standardized tests and in advanced coursework.